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Norbert is the name of my clown. He was born, 2 year ago, in the clown workshop of “Lory Leshin. I worked, already, with Norbert in a Christmas show last december.  ” le cabaret magique du père Noel” And Now, This june 2013, my partner , Thérèse Dekie, and me, we will do our first apparition with” Norbert and Capucine” . I will give you news about this.

My dream is to be , in few year, the clown in  a nice circus.

Dream keep us in life ! !


IMG_8906Thérèse Dekie and me, are working, on a visual show, for a large public, with all ingredient we need, to give to parents and kids, emotion and fun. We will take some pieces from this shows , to do a street performance. You will see ” the premiere” in the festival de Chassepierre, this August.

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Danser à deux is the basic of 2 artists wanted to work in visual comedy. Being in connection, listening your partner, moving together in clear intention is what bring the fact to dance together. I am giving dance lesson in this way:  The step is the consequence of a good connection, of being together in character and  rhythm . large

Les Frères Taquins

Les Frères Taquins

For many years they have travelled the world bringing happiness to people with their routines. And magically, their performance has kept the fragile freshness of the first moment … as if something could happen any minute … and it does. Continue reading

Thérèse Dekie, Automate and Clown

I coach her and help her build up a show for children. Listen to her testimony about our work together:

We first met in the Eighties. At that time we created a street and cabaret act. I still remember our complicity in creation and play.

Nowadays we work on a theatre project for children. Every time we work together I am impressed by his capacity for creating judicious and unattended effects: elements that keep the children attentive until the end of the performance. Continue reading

Raphaël and Candice, Clown Duo

I coach them and help them build up an act. Listen to their testimony about our work together:

Mission Bolivia CMSF Candice and Raphaël. The creation of a performance for a charity mission is often reliant on extreme conditions (availability, compatibility between people, different points of view)! Continue reading

Kevin Brooking, Clown

I coached him and helped him with his act. Read on this article his testimony about our work together. Continue reading

The Almost Trio, Juggling

YouTube Preview Image

I coached them and helped with the duo act. Reed on this article the Ferenc Potocki’s testimony about our work together Continue reading

Romany, Eccentric Magician

RomanyI coached her and helped her with her act. Listen to her testimony about our work together:

Apart from being fun, kind & great company, Olivier has a very precise eye and understanding of personality and character, and can help you not only find yours but bring it out in theatrical ways using his many years of professional experience. Continue reading

Elastic, Clown

I coached him and helped him with his act. Listen to his testimony about our work together:

Working with Olivier – even for only a single day – is a pleasure in itself.

It means showing your work to an artist that through his knowledge, his experience, and his various artistic competences will be able to help you at just a glance. His judicious advice for instance on the first destination of your act, circus, street, cabaret, scene… or your performance’s details of gesture, view or rhythm.

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Duo Benelo, hand-to-hand act

YouTube Preview Image

I coached them and helped them with their act. Read the article for their testimony about our work together Continue reading

Durchgedreht: Now in Schwerin

Durchgedreht in Schwerin

Now that’s exciting: The show I was directing in Leipzig is now also in Schwerin. The dates are:

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Pantomime Workshop, Berlin

Workshop Berlin
You are an artist engaged with circus, theatre or varieté and want to improve your performance with pantomime and visual comedy? Then this workshop in Berlin might be just the right one for you!
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The movements of Olivier Taquin

I just tripped over this posting at The Westerly Sun

Showing how to move

It’s always great reading how people enjoy mime work, the art of physical performance and I hope Rona still follows up.
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Interview New York

New York

I just landed in New York and was asked to give this interview. I hope you enjoy watching it!
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