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Raphaël and Candice, Clown Duo

I coach them and help them build up an act. Listen to their testimony about our work together:

Mission Bolivia CMSF Candice and Raphaël. The creation of a performance for a charity mission is often reliant on extreme conditions (availability, compatibility between people, different points of view)!

We had only six days to develop our act in Luxembourg and four long weekends in Brussels and Luxembourg, 17 days in all. Fortunately, there was a lot of solidarity among our friends who helped us (repetition location, material, outside point of view).

During the first few days there was a lot of effusion of ideas and improvisations. Then the script was born and the real repetitions started. In this last period, it is very difficult to work without any professional supervision. Through the link from Kevin Brooking, we asked Olivier to help us. We needed advice for some technical scenes that had to be improved by direction, rhythm and plot.

Olivier helped us first to purify our act and clarify its general sense, working in the meantime on developing and solidifying the relationship between the two characters. Finally, he brought life and humanity to our duo in a way that we now have the basis to deepen the emotions and create comical situations!

In two repetitions of 4 hours he helped us with all the essentials!

Thank you kindly, Olivier…
Raphaël and Candice

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