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Norbert is the name of my clown. He was born, 2 year ago, in the clown workshop of “Lory Leshin. I worked, already, with Norbert in a Christmas show last december.  ” le cabaret magique du père Noel” And Now, This june 2013, my partner , Thérèse Dekie, and me, we will do our first apparition with” Norbert and Capucine” . I will give you news about this.

My dream is to be , in few year, the clown in  a nice circus.

Dream keep us in life ! !


IMG_8906Thérèse Dekie and me, are working, on a visual show, for a large public, with all ingredient we need, to give to parents and kids, emotion and fun. We will take some pieces from this shows , to do a street performance. You will see ” the premiere” in the festival de Chassepierre, this August.

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