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Olivier TaquinI have directed workshops in Pantomime in different places: in my early years at the Cultural Centre of Tournai in Belgium, later at the Académie Fratellini Centre international des arts du spectacle in Paris; at the Fövárosi Nagycirkusz in Budapest; for clowns in hospitals in New York and for Theatre Improvisation leagues – using the pantomime technique as a fantastic tool for improvisation.

The basic principles in my workshops are – in accordance with the demand:

  • Training in basic pantomime techniques
  • Exploration of the techniques of pantomime in short creations, improvisations and plays
  • Research into character and body movement
  • Giving rhythm to body movement and story
  • Drawing the audience into our imaginary world

We often close workshops with a short reworked improvisation.

Workshop danse by two:

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