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Elastic, Clown

I coached him and helped him with his act. Listen to his testimony about our work together:

Working with Olivier – even for only a single day – is a pleasure in itself.

It means showing your work to an artist that through his knowledge, his experience, and his various artistic competences will be able to help you at just a glance. His judicious advice for instance on the first destination of your act, circus, street, cabaret, scene… or your performance’s details of gesture, view or rhythm.

The precious times I have worked with Olivier, I have always enjoyed them as a privilege, even though I have known him since my very first time on the stage.

He has always been for me – in addition to his advice – an artist with an exemplary talent who has remained, despite his great professional success, a human being enriched by simplicity and modesty. This makes him a passionate person who loves artists and doesn’t hesitate to share his knowledge with them out of love for the “Spectacle”.


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